Mortgage Calculator

Use the mortgage calculator to see how different interest rates, loan terms, property prices and deposit amounts affect your repayments.

How to use this calculator:

  1. Start by inputting the amount you’re likely to spend on your property.
  2. Input the amount of your deposit which will offset your mortgage.
  3. Adjust the interest rate to see how this affects your payments and the total cost of the loan.
  4. Adjust the term to see how a shorter loan term can save you money.

“Payments” shows you what you’ll have to pay on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to pay off your loan.

“Loan” represents the amount you’ll need to borrow to purchase the property after your deposit has been paid.

“Interest” represents the total amount of interest that you’ll pay over the life of your mortgage.

“Total” represents the total amount you’ll have to pay over the term of your mortgage (interest + principle).

Mortgage Calculator.







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