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To earn your keep at iRefi, and to be invited to join the team, you have to share values that we see as essential to success and fulfilment in your work. Being good with numbers, valuing honesty and client goals above all else, and protecting the reputation of our processes and service, are required traits. What makes iRefi different is we work as a team… not individuals.

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Andrew Malcolm, Director

With previous experience in the app development and mortgage space, after applying for a mortgage himself, Andrew saw the opportunity create a more efficient process for Kiwis to apply for home loans. Andrew’s focus is on marketing, strategy, and connecting with clients when they’re investigating their options. He then connects them with the appropriate iRefi Adviser.

In his spare time, Andrew also enjoys the gym, rugby and reading lots of books about economies, markets, property investing and philosophy. Andrew’s girlfriend Katie is an independent midwife who understands the long and irregular working hours we keep.

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Chuck Slogrove, Mortgage Adviser & Director

Chuck Slogrove Flag

Chuck has excellent knowledge of the property market and refinancing home loans. With previous banking and finance experience, he’s dedicated to helping clients save money and increasing their financial freedom. After working with Andrew in the mortgage space for over a year in 2014-2015, he too saw there was a better way to help people with their online mortgage applications.

As a passionate value investor, Chuck helped start The University of Auckland Investment Club, and recently attended the Berkshire Hathaway AGM. On the weekends Chuck enjoys driving his cars and motorbike and spending time with his girlfriend.

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Blandon Leung, Mortgage Adviser & Shareholder

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Blandon is passionate about getting clients the best rates on their mortgages and finding a solution that works for them. “It all started when I asked this myself: How can this ordinary couple with very ordinary jobs in their early 30’s be able to own 6 properties when my own parents are still paying off their first mortgage in their 50’s?”
He found out it simply came down to 2 distinctive differences between them:
1) Their perception on debt
2) How they managed it.

After learning this, Blandon became passionate about sharing these concepts with as many people as possible. Blandon speaks mandarin, is married, and enjoys playing his guitar for the church band.

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Paul Minors, Mortgage Adviser, Marketing & Client Support

Paul Minors Flag

Paul looks after clients as a Mortgage Adviser. He has bought and sold property, building up his wealth through property, and sharing these lessons with clients. With three years of digital marketing experience, Paul is also helping to grow the iRefi brand, and help as many kiwis as possible. Paul is a newlywed and looking to expand on his property investments.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys staying active and making cups of tea, he also runs a successful online productivity business at

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Brandon Lipman FlagBrandon Lipman, Mortgage Adviser & Client Support

Brandon is one of the newer iRefi recruits and has taken to the mortgage industry like a duck to water. He worked at BNZ and learned about banking and property after buying his first investment property. You can read about him in the NZ Herald here:

Brandon enjoys helping clients with their property investment goals and even invited his brother Daniel to join the iRefi team. In his spare time he focuses on property himself and plays basketball, even organising his own leagues.

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Eugene Bartsaikin, Mortgage Adviser


Eugene comes to iRefi from a Finance Background of banking, funds management and share broking. He’s passionate about considering a wider view over and above interest rates alone and structuring your mortgage based on you and your needs. Not only will Eugene get you great rates but his patience and attention to detail will leave you feeling confident about your mortgage and the advice you’re getting.

He’s also our resident new-build expert after helping several clients acquire finance to build their dream homes when the bank said no the first time as well as after purchasing his first property, a new build in Whangaparaoa, that he and his wife have decided to make their home.

Eugene speaks Russian and spends his weekends working on his cars and exploring his new community.

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Jon Krebs, Developer & Shareholder

Jon Krebs FlagJon has been part of the team from the start. Jon loves finding ways of using software to make life easier for clients. By putting the mortgage application process online, Jon is helping take the stress out of applying for a home loan and refinancing. With his twin brother Ben and his parents, he entered the property market with a purchase in Mt Wellington.
Jon enjoys working late and teasing his brother and finishing his engineering degree. (There’s some debate that he might be the evil twin).

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Ben Krebs, Developer & Shareholder

Ben Krebs Flag v2

Ben is hardworking and passionate about helping Kiwis achieve a better lifestyle. An expert on digital systems, he is committed to making iRefi a fast and secure platform for New Zealand property investors. Ben doesn’t see the world like we do, he just sees lines of code…
When he is not improving the iRefi systems, he will be active in a variety of sports or indulging in a painting or book. He also makes time for study while finishing his engineering degree.

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Rohit Naga, Developer

After joining the development team in 2015, Rohit’s skills have excelled under the Krebs’ tutelage. He’s passionate about coding, assists the twin developers in the technical side of the business, and is always hungry to learn and implement new things in the software which will make the Mortgage Application process easier.

In his free time Rohit loves watching Kickass action movies and exploring Auckland with his bicycle.


jon-chan-flagJon Chan, Mortgage Associate

Jon joined iRefi after 4 years working at ASB in branch. His knowledge of branch banking, and passion for customer service, helps us identify time-saving processes and a smooth transition for clients who decide to switch banks. Jon also speaks Mandarin and Cantonese and works closely with Blandon as his mortgage associate.

After working many weekend shifts whilst at ASB, Jon now enjoys hiking, photography as well as building and racing RC Drones

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manie-uys-flagManie Uys, Insurance Adviser

With over five years’ corporate finance and insurance experience in South Africa, Manie (pronounced Ma-knee) decided it was time to move to New Zealand and start a new life over here. Manie handles all of our clients’ insurance related needs.

Manie enjoys his rugby with some biltong and can’t wait to buy his first yacht.

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Elliott Bennetts, Mortgage Associate and Marketing Intern

Nearing the end of his business studies, Elliott joined the team to work across all functions of the business. He has experience with accounting, admin, marketing, has been a part-time builder, and has picked up mortgages quickly. Elliott also speaks French and spent time in France during his high school education.   Elliott enjoys sports in his downtime and is a big fan of American sports.

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daniel-lipman-flagDaniel Lipman, Mortgage Associate and Finance Intern

Daniel was welcomed to the team through Brandon (his brother) and has taken to the role of helping our advisers with client requests and helping clients reach their mortgage goals. He’s a fan of basketball, playing in the same leagues as Brandon.

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