Working at iRefi

The perks – how would you like to work your own hours helping Kiwis save money on their biggest investments? We’re based in East Auckland on the marina at Half Moon Bay so getting to and from the office is easy as traffic is almost non existent. We’re open minded about people working from home because our systems are online. Enjoy a walk to the beach on your breaks (whenever you like). There are half a dozen decent restaurants and a mini supermarket in our complex… come and check it out. As reward for your efforts you’ll be more than fairly compensated financially but also included in a team of people who have much bigger plans to shake up the financial industry. There are employee stock options you can exercise instead of bonuses or raises. Are you tired on the 9-5 grind working in a bank? Is your soul slowly fading each day as you lose faith in the corporate structures? Is flexible hours, flexible days, flexible holidays, and helping people top of mind?

Mortgage Associate

An exciting opportunity has emerged for mortgage advisers with or without bank experience to help thousands of kiwis unlock huge savings in their mortgages and we’re looking for people who are motivated to help a lot of people. Our mantra is to protect and serve the client… sometimes we just have to go the extra mile. you’ll have to be prepared for that. You’ll be provided with an endless supply of homeowners to help (a lot of kiwis do not have good interest rates) and expected to negotiate the best rates available with lenders who don’t always give in easily. Our clients tend to have a lot of questions about rates, how our services are priced (free) and what the next steps are… you’ll have to be a little patient with some people. Most Kiwis live modest lifestyles and are trying their hardest to not only make ends meet but also own their own homes. At iRefi we’re helping the Kiwi dream of homeownership come true for those lucky enough to have secured a mortgage and looking now to take advantage of better mortgage rates. Most of the time we’re helping people that would love an extra $25 a week, so we’re expecting you to find a way when others would just go with the standard options. Saving our clients money is the core value of and as a mortgage manager you’ll have to be onboard with us helping people win. Contact us with ‘Orange Sherbet’ in the Subject line to enquire.


Want to be part of building New Zealand’s next TradeMe? We’re looking for enthusiastic developers to join our growing team as we focus on constantly making our platform more scalable and secure. If you’re into design and CSS then we definitely want to hear from you. Get in touch and help us create a stunning online experience for Kiwi home owners! A little bit of technical stuff; iRefi is build using the ASP.NET MVC framework on the backend, Razor, javascript and jQuery on the front end, with an SQL and a MySQL database. If your skills lie outside of these, no worries, come for a chat and we can find out how we can make it work. Want to work for us? Contact us with ‘Yellow Sherbet’ in the subject line.

What’s it like working at iRefi?

Paul Minors – BCom (Marketing & Entrepreneurship)

iRefi is a challenging and enjoyable place to work. I’ve found that by being part of a small and hard-working team I’ve been able to grow more and do better work as a result. Within my first week, I had to setup a website and an email automation system; I really enjoyed being able to have an impact and prove myself straight away.

There is a strong dynamic in the team and an expectation to work hard and do your best. The team is made up of A-players who are highly motivated and driven to succeed. Being part of this team has helped me to perform at a much higher level and I can safely say that by working in this team I work harder as a result.

The team is really close and we recently went on a team retreat to Mt Maunganui. During the week, we spent time brainstorming where we want the business to go and it was awesome bonding with such a nice group of people. It’s things like this that you don’t see enough of at larger companies.

It’s refreshing working at iRefi compared to a corporate environment. Being part of a small team means you can have a real impact on the performance of the business and your ideas really get heard (you’re not just another cog in the machine). Every day we’re learning more and we all help to make the business more productive.

Because we work in a small team, it’s been easy to follow clients through our sales process from start to finish and help them save money as a result. Having spent time talking to these people and learn about their lives, it’s been incredibly rewarding to help them create more financial freedom.

I used to get bored with work and now I’m amazed at how fast the day flys by. The business is growing quickly and changes all the time. It’s exciting to be part of a team that has such an exciting future ahead of it.

Jasjit Grewal – BCom (Finance and Accounting), LLB (Hons) student

iRefi is an exciting place to work. After being trained by Andrew, Chuck and Paul, you are fully immersed in the business and exposed to clients. Being exposed to experienced financial advisers like Chuck provides endless learning opportunities. Chuck’s experience in an investment bank has taught me a lot about how the mortgage market works.

Working at iRefi has taught me a significant amount on how to be able to afford a home in what is a fast-changing housing market. The personal knowledge I have attained has been invaluable.

The open plan office provides many opportunities to see how a business works and to learn about the mortgage market. This fosters a close relationship between all members of the team and provides a fantastic environment to work in.

Our clients are real, everyday people. The service iRefi provides means that they can save money and make a big difference to their, and their kids lives. I get a real kick out of being able to help make a difference to our clients lives by saving them money.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working at iRefi, and I’m excited by the future prospects.

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